Jamie is a motivated, committed and talented Actor and Plus Size Model, with strengths in a variety of different roles. He is a perfectionist who possesses a solid work ethic which compels him to keep tweaking an acting part until both him and his colleagues are fully satisfied with the performance. He is committed to achieving the highest standard of performance and is always willing to listen and learn from others. In the past he has worked alongside renowned figures in both studio and independent film company settings. In 2002 he joined the British Army where he spent the next 6 years as a medic and driver, stationed all over the world. In 2008 he left the Army and set up his own medical training company. Using the skills, he acquired during this time, he is now able to perform his own stunts and is a qualified medic. He is energetic, prepared to 'go the extra mile' and is sure to make a real difference to any project he is involved in.

  JOBS/CREDITS Film Actor (17 credits)

 2023, Feature Film, Jamie Long,   SURV;VOR

  2022, Feature Film, Kingy Sutherland, Rev Mel HOMELESS CRIME IN LONDON

2021, Feature Film, Nicholas Lean, PC Brown THE SWITCH

2019, Feature Film, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU

2018, Feature Film, BEYOND THE VOID

2018, Feature Film, PC Neil Willis, SIREN, Oceanstorm films, Nicholas Lean.

2018, Feature Film, Sergey, TDA, Oceanstorm Films, Nicholas David Lean.

2018, Feature Film, Black Knight, THE KINGS PROPHECY, Ricky D Stahl.

2017, Feature Film, Blind Creature, THE RIZEN, Lost Eye Films, Matt Mitchell.

2017, Feature Film, THE RIZEN 2, BLIND CREATURE, Lost Eye Film, Matt Mitchell.

2017, Feature Film, Police Officer Long, FINAL SCORE, Scott Man.

2017, Feature Film, Greek Soldier, WAR MACHINE, David Michôd.

2017, Film, Spence, ACCIDENT MAN, Jesse V. Johnson.

2017, Film, Police Officer, DANGEROUS GAME.

2017, Film, Police Officer Smith, OBEY, Jamie Jones.

2017, Film, Prisoner, THE HATTON GARDEN JOB, Ronnie Thompson Feature Film, Paramedic Joe.

2017, SHED OF THE DEAD Drew Cullingham.

  TV Actor (3 credits)

2017, Television, Gary, LOSEING IT, Ben Robins.

2017, Television, Detective Constable, THREE GIRLS, Philippa Lowthorpe.

2014, Television, Police Officer, BABYLON, Danny Boyle.